AI powered characters for gaming

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chat with unique characters

create unique personalities and give your AI characters a backstory. watch as they hold spontanteous, unscripted conversations with players

npcs that can "see"

characters that can perceive and understand in game environment. with npc actions!

characters can choose to perform an action in reaction to players or the environment. create and define a unique list of actions for your character

loved by game developers

get your AI character up and running within 5 clicks, no AI knowledge required.
devs love how simple and seamless our SDK is.

    • This has been executed very well! Interacting with these NPCs is much more conversational and makes for a great experience, and a pretty surreal one too.

      dev lead at ZV Network (Eat Blobs)
    • this is so cool, could you share how this was made, kinda wanna dig into it and try to expand

      builder of games
    • Hey so this is a pretty neat job mate

      founder of Vulkano Studio
    • This is amazing.

      creator of Tosca Island
    • I’ve messed around with the tool for a while and it works suprisingly well... thank you